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Tailored programs in Chipping Norton

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Tailored to you

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Compliment your weekly Personal Training, with a tailored workout program to follow by yourself, in your own time. All programs are designed to remain in-line with the goals that you're pursuing in Personal Training.


Tailored gym program in Cotswolds
Innovative progams
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Program software

Once subscribed to The Conditioning Centre's app, you'll gain access to your fully comprehensive program, containing in-depth teaching points and videos, all from the comfort of your smart phone. 


Train anytime,

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Continue your training regime whilst at home, on holiday, or away with work commitments. With 24/7  access to your program via the app, train anytime, and anywhere. All programs are regularly monitored and can be edited wherever necessary.


train anywhere

Designed around
your equipment

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All programs are designed using the equipment you have access to. Whether you're in your home Gym, hotel Gym, or somewhere with no access to equipment, The Centre's program software contains a rich and diverse database of exercises to cater for all requirements. 


use you own equipment

How it works


Plan of action

We look into your goals and requirements, along with the equipment you have access to. We assess what you're confident with, and the exercises you're technically capable of performing by yourself, and then agree on the structured content.


Ready to go!

Once the program is ready, you'll receive an E-Mail containing your login details and a personalised link, which will take you to a portal where you'll gain access to your program. You'll also have the opportunity to download the Centre's app on iOS and Android, enabling you to gain access to your program using your smartphone.


program design

Based on the agreed training content, equipment available and your goals, a personalized program will be put together using high quality software.


available as a bolt-on service, for personal training clients only